An old research result states that an advert done with a woman’s picture does better than the one done with a man’s. Over the years one could see women models on adverts of things like heavy duty trucks tyres, men’s wears, air transport companies, etc.


Why is that so? Do men just hate seeing other men’s faces and like women’s better? For security reasons we will leave you to find the answer to this question yourself.


When you listen to Flavour and some other artists of the Nigerian popular music, they talk about sex and romance so much that it seems to be the sweetest topic on the planet, but is it? Before you dream about having sex every day, you might want to consider what it is like. Experience, by the way, is not always the best teacher.


Having sexual intercourse daily makes you obligated to expect these visitors:

1. You would start desiring to have more, scientists say. This could bring an uncontrollable urge; it could destroy or harm your married life.

2. Men could develop pains at their lower back. This could affect your daily activity, whether you mostly sit or stand to work.

3. The penis, the vulva or the vagina could get chafed because of the continuous rubbing they experience.

4. Fluids from the body decrease the PH level of the vagina. The vagina naturally fights infections by the weapon of its PH level.

5. The genitals could get painful both in males and females. Even the pistons that work in our generators develop problems, remember.

6. There could start being loss of appetite for sex during sexual intercourse. In other words, one could get bored.

7. Women could develop pains from swollen vaginas, start having pains while urinating and find it difficult to walk because of pains.

8. Bleeding could start from thin air, and males could start seeing blood in their urine or semen. The human body is fragile.

9. Sex makes you feel tired, and works like an exercise. It could make you tired all day. Imagine having it twice or thrice in the said day.