Following the announcement of the death of the English Queen, Elizabeth II, yesterday, there has been a sequence of flashbacks.

Many ancient tapes from the late Queen Elizabeth’s historic visit to Ghana have surfaced, informing many Ghanaians about what transpired in the past.

This same video, which has gone viral and captured the attention of most Ghanaians, demonstrates some chiefs from Cape Coast (where Fante is spoken) queuing up in turn to present gold bars to the Queen of England, her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, and their children when they visited Cape Coast in 1961.

British Pathe Film uploaded the popular video on YouTube on April 13, 2014.

A great durbar was organised by the chiefs and people of Fantes to welcome the Queen and her husband to the former capital of the Gold Coast, as shown in the video.

The main gift from the Fante chiefs was a solid gold miniature palanquin. The Duke of Edinburgh was presented with a stunning solid gold linguist’s staff. A small gold sword was presented to Queen Elizabeth II.

Watch the video!