If you want your song to be popular, follow these steps:

Advertising your music is extremely challenging, and while it takes time away from recording and songwriting, it is an essential part of the music industry. Many musicians publish their music online in the hopes of being discovered, but this is a ridiculous assumption. Successful musicians work persistently to get their music in front of the right people by utilizing numerous music marketing strategies.

Musicians all across the world work hard to gain an audience, but not all of them work smart. To properly advertise your music, you must break away from the crowd and attempt new things every day. Even if you don’t execute new strategies correctly the first time, you’ll learn from your mistakes and be able to do so in the future.

Believing you have a finished album and are marketing it online, here are some things you can do every day to expand your music promotion actions.

1. Make contact with a blogger:

Getting your music reviewed online is an excellent approach for a new musician to build a fan base. Reaching out to music bloggers that are enthusiastic about your area and have a large following is a terrific approach to getting your music heard by a large number of people.

When approaching bloggers about getting your music reviewed, make sure you have a high-quality album or EP available — singles are unlikely to get reviewed. Emails to bloggers should be brief, utilize plenty of white space, and be straightforward.

Don’t forget to follow up with bloggers a few days later after you email them.

2. Experiment with something new:

It’s critical to keep your mind fresh with new ideas, whether it’s learning a new musical instrument or reading blogs on advertising your music. Every day, sign up for blog newsletters, search Google for music promotional suggestions and ideas, or ask someone for advice.

When trying to learn anything new, remember to put what you’re learning into practise. Early application of newly acquired knowledge results in early failures and challenges, hastening the learning process.

3. Make a social media post:

For musicians, social media is amazing, but far too many exploit it to advertise themselves. Therefore, use your social media sites to engage your current audience, encouraging them to share your content and organically increase your following.

Remember the thirds rule while broadcasting on social media. One-third of your postings should be promotional, another third should be informative for your followers, and the last third should be personal exchanges. Remember this while you try to promote your music on Twitter and Facebook.

4. Make your song available to a radio station:

Any musician can benefit from a powerful radio advertising strategy in order to establish a significant fan following. Because your fans are focused on a narrow geographical area, touring becomes more profitable, and scheduling new versions becomes more easier.

When pitching music to radio stations, make sure to give the programme directors finished recordings (not demos). You should call after sending your email to get feedback. If the programme director likes what you sent, you can ask for your song to be put to the playlist. If not, ask when you can follow up with them, and do so as soon as possible.

5. Invest in advertising:

Despite advertising can be costly, when done correctly, it can be very effective. Unfortunately, developing a good advertising strategy takes time and money upfront, but by spending money each day on web advertising, you’re starting the learning process that can lead to successful paid promotional strategies when your next album is released.