Researchers acquired the legendary ‘The Discussion’ earlier this year, which captured Nigerian Hip-Hop and the historic battle between Vector tha Viper and MI Abaga.

on 2020 Hennessy Artistry: Hennessy Cyphers 2020. [Hennessy Nigeria]

Hennessy Nigeria released the third edition of its three-part Hennessy Cyphers as component of Hennessy Musician 2020 on Friday, December 12, 2020. This is the proposal’s second process.

We acquired the epic ‘The Discussion’ earlier this year, which captured Nigerian Hip-Hop and the historic beef involving Vector tha Viper and MI Abaga. Ghost and Tec of Show Dem Camp, CDQ, and Falz were included in the inaugural cypher. Vader, Payper Corleone, Phlow, and Barry Lanes, all VS Class grads, appear in the second cypher.

MI Abaga and Vector, two Nigerian rap sensational stars, are featured in the third Session. It’s also the fifth time in their careers that both rappers have collaborated on such a melody. Teeto Ceemos, another renowned rapper, and Jesse Jagz, a recognized Lyricist here On Roll champion, are also featured.

In during lyric, there are several viewpoint occasions, including Jesse Jagz’s verse, which he won’t forget – he never seems to do.

“Whenever the lion’s here on prowl, he doesn’t give a damn about the rodents…” has been one of the Teeto Ceemos’ many memorable quotes. He emanated the typical MC’s personality, breathing techniques, arrogance, and voice. His background includes a combat rap foundation, which he still possesses. Also where is Teeto’s 2k o, Hennessy?

Through his song on Segalink as well as the ‘Feminist Coven,’ MI Abaga makes a social sites statement. This reference to ‘Atonement’ is also a clever play on words for the Academy Award-winning film. “Then when I blew up like Ikeja military camp…” is also crazy as amusing.

Vector’s song is replete with implications of self-identity, through his barrack background via his hatred for Twitter and his disinterest in ‘best rap artist’ debates. The movement design of the pocket “Position… Leave your own sh*t Don Blaine, BBC, VEC, number six…” is quite impressive.

Finally, if you adore beautiful music, you will undoubtedly add this to your playlist.

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