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How Hypertension Causes Blindness

All the parts of your body are connected to your heart through the blood vessels. It is the blood vessels that carry blood, oxygen and foods nutrients to every part of the body.


High blood pressure happens in the cardiovascular system; that system is made up of the heart, the blood and the blood vessels.


When fat blockages or resistances hinder the free, smooth flow of blood in your body, blood vessels could break or suffer damages. Aneurysms (bulges formed by the force of blood on the walls of the blood vessels) can also take place.


Your eyes are recipients of this important service the heart and the blood vessels give, and can be damaged when blood vessels in them burst; also, aneurysms can happen in the eyes too.


To be safe from blindness, you have to add keeping hypertension far from you to your list of efforts.

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N.B:  The information on this page is only for creating awareness. Meet or contact a healthcare provider for proper attention. 

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