To understand how Erectile Dysfunction happens, the knowledge of how erection takes place could help you. Remember that erection takes place even while men sleep. This is normal scientifically, but will no be talked about in this article. We shall talk about erections that come from sexual arousal.


Erection happens when the brains make the penis to start being gorged with blood. There is no muscle in the human penis.


When blood is hindered or made to accumulate more slowly in the penis, it affects erection. Whatever affects a person’s heart (the heart pumps blood into all parts of the body) affects erection.


The free flow of blood in the body matters when one wants to achieve erection; having seen this, you understand that blocked, damaged or thinned passages in the blood vessels that convey blood to or in the penis are bad for any erection.


Some tips to remember include:

1. Stop drinking alcohol heavily. It harms both the nerves and the liver and can cause other things that affect the right level of the male sex hormone.


2. Stop smoking. Nicotine (which is found in tobacco) decreases the size of blood vessels, hindering free blood flow.


3. Testosterone is the male sex hormone; it decreases from the age of forty, scientists found out. This decrement affects erection.


4. Obesity (a condition where too much body fats have been accumulated in the body) is dangerous and could come by bad eating habits like eating more because of emotions. It increases the danger of developing heart problems.


5. Exercise, but some of them make you likely to develop Erectile Dysfunction. Yes, your exercises should not put too much weight on your perineum (the area between your anal sphincter muscle and your scrotal sac.


6. Avoid fatty, fried or processed foods. There are healthy fatty foods; eat them, but let your consumption of fruits and vegetables be higher. It is hard to eat that healthy in this country, but doing so could be cheaper than using drugs.


7. Do not let hypertension (high blood pressure) and high cholesterol get hold of you; avoid fatty foods like chicken skin, pork, etc. The cost of living is high, but remember to treat ailments with natural things whenever it is possible.


Other things like stress and anabolic steroids (drugs people abuse to grow bigger muscles) play parts too. Avoid them if you want to have a peaceful erection.


N.B:  The information on this page is only for creating awareness. Meet or contact a healthcare provider for proper attention.