Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is an inspiring web designer and entrepreneur, but a bad leader. One could buy an expensive car and yet be a bad driver; one could marry and be a bad spouse; one could win a national or international seat of power, and be the wrongest person to receive such honour.


These examples are not given to imply that Zuckerberg is the wrong CEO for Facebook, but to show that one must be ready for unfriendly waves before setting sail. If you looked at the stores of history, you would find that some would have lived longer, died happier or left behind better names if they were correctly prepared for the winds of fame, inter-faith crisis or political misunderstandings.


Zuckerberg stands amidst the yank of his own country, Russia, China, Israel, Arabs, etc, and tries to do something he hopes would please the most terrible looking people or to reach a compromise that makes two contestants winners. He clearly has no say, because he is afraid for himself.


He stands also amidst the schism of religions, opinions and beliefs and does the same. He has no say, he does what the most  number of people say. One could say it is good for business; is it good for the conscience? How would you feel after accepting what you hate, for fear of having a bad name or losing money? There are levels of hatred; what if you hate the thing so much that you would not like to legalize it and yet you did?


Now the blind world and human mind might tell you to move on and do whatever you like, but look at MZ and others who found that insight and other mundane abilities are different from being a world umpire. He did not go out to be the referee, the power fell on his laps; but he is afraid of the players, knowing that he and his bank account could be harmed irreparably.


No tree knows how far its branch could one day go upwards, but lucky is the tree whose roots are deep enough to survive, correct? If height can bring demise, great loss, helplessness and hopelessness, how prepared should one be?