Another stain has been added to the gown of Nigeria by a Hausa veteran actresss. The woman had allegedly been acting for more than 50 years. Her name is Mrs. Ladin Cima.


Hajiya Ladin Cima revealed a shocking thing in a recent interview by BBC Hausa. The Woman who was past her middle age said she had never been paid up to 50,000 naira for any role she had acted in Kannywood (the Hausa part of Nollywood).


The woman who is also known as Malam Mamman or Mama Tambaya by her coworkers, told the BBC that she was paid less than N5,000. She said her salary usually stayed within N2,000 and N5,000 Naira, and that she lacked a house of her own as a result.


It is yet to be known whether the males are being paid the same amount. The possibility of men receiving such poor amounts for working long hours is quite low; this is because of the culture of the Hausas, which has low price for women.


This seems to be the only time that such a thing came out. There had been rumours that the company was just another way whereby Moslems in Nigeria say they are special. The dressing, manners and morals displayed in videos released in this sector of the Nollywood says one thing: we are Moslems.



Women rights protests have been trending both in Western government houses, where people had been asking for more inclusion of women in the affairs of their countries. There have also been insistent pushes to bring about equal pay for sportsmen and sportswomen. Many have claimed the women just want to take over.


In countries like India where women allegedly have to go to separate houses to spend the days of their menstruation, women have complained. In countries like Afghanistan where there has risen a stricter practice of the Shariah law, women have been complaining too. It is also no secret that women face unequal treatmen around the world.


When women speak out about the things they face daily, there are always mixed receptions: some people even call the women betrayers. Since the present Nigerian government is leaning towards Islamism, it would be no wonder if she were summoned covertly, and rebuked. Countries like China have been internationally known to do so to some of their famous citizens.


Two seccessionists were allegedly captured aboroad and brought into Nigeria for questioning and detention. One would not expect lesser in this situation.


The woman allegedly reappeared days later. Nothing has been said about the resolving of this issue. The matter surely shall add to the stains the international community sees on the body of Nigeria.


What do you think of this?