What is the unity between guns and music? Is there a friendship between hand grenades and the piano?

In past ages warriors used music for many things in their circles. They stirred up patriotism, they gave reasons for which they must fight, they increased their morale, mourned fallen warriors and celebrated both present and historical victories with music. Music is so natural to man that no secular professional is likely to be averse to music.

In fact, after hearing the unsavoury discord of gunshots, bomb blast and the legato of mean engines, a soldier would love the sweet effects of music; it would be like a rainfall in the Sahara and sunshine after an extended time in the cold.

Music is not only used for entertainment in the army; it is used for other things like waking them in the morning. This kind of music is called the Reveille.

Martial music or military music is provided to soldiers by fellow soldiers called Field Musicians. Their work is to play the different kinds of music they were told to play.

Kinds of Military or Martial Music include:
♪ March Music
♪ Bugle Calls
♪ Ruffles and Flourishes, etc.

Military bands use more of wind instruments and percussion instruments. The conductor in a military band is called a band master. The title would serve for both males and females, since it has not been changed.

The Nigerian Army Band Corps (nicknamed NABC) is the military band of the Nigerian Army. It was founded 1932. It has undergone a lot of changes since then both in those that lead it and the kind of music being played. This group provides both traditional music, Jazz and even classical music. The music they play is very Nigerian.

To be in this group, one has to know regional languages of Nigeria, be at least 5ft 6in (if a male) and 5ft 4in (if a female), and be capable to play musical instruments.

In the 1980s Nigeria’s Navy Dance Band followed many Nigeria pop musicians even when such musicians were recording songs are performing live. The artistes included Christy Essien-Ugbokwe and the Lijadu Sisters.