It’s always behind you, and it never gets tired. This race wasn’t in the menu of your desires, but you have to run or be overtaken. You don’t want to run side by side with high blood pressure, (whose special name is hypertension) and if it outruns you, death occurs immediately.


Now before you say you can never have it, let me first say what it is and how people develop it; it might be you are losing ground already. Many are losing the race worldwide and don’t even know it; many have it in the great countries of the world and yet do not know it. Yes, people in the United States, UK, Japan, etc.


Our mentalities in Nigeria make us die before our times, and we usually say the cause of the death is spiritual. We kill ourselves by doing things that make The Silent Killer (the epitaph for hypertension) catch up with us and start troubling us, or overtake us by killing us.


Hypertension or high blood pressure (HBP) starts when the force your blood puts on your blood vessels get too high and remain too high. Your blood vessels are the pipes that carry your blood and the oxygen inside you to all parts of your body. Such too much pressure can damage blood vessels. It could cause blindness or eye problems; it could damage your brains, cause strokes and heart attacks.

Here’s how to outrun it till your days are spent:


1. Stop eating too much salt.

2. Beware of unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking heavy amounts of alcohol, eating unbalanced diet, eating too much sugar, etc.

3. Eat more of fruits and vegetables mostly. That’s hard in this country because the poor just want to fill their bellies; few can afford it in the small cities, but try.

4. If a close family member of yours has or had it, you’re likely to develop it; because of this, monitor your blood pressure regularly.

5. If you’re obese, you’re likely to develop it too, so watch your diet and monitor your blood pressure regularly. ‘Prevention is better than cure,’ we usually say.

6. Overweight children could develop it too. It wasn’t a joke; you see it has no care for who is a child or an adult. Please, be on guard.

7. If you’re pregnant and have once suffered from hypertension, it could come again while you’re pregnant. Be on your guard and watch your diet, especially in the second half of your pregnancy.

8. If you don’t exercise your body as you should by walking moderate distances and doing chores that let you move about and do things, you are helping hypertension get to you. Isn’t it funny and instructive that laziness causes diseases too?

9. Finally, men are most likely to develop it while as young as 45 years.


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N.B:  The information on this page is only for creating awareness. Meet or contact a healthcare provider for proper attention.