You might think that Cultism among teenagers is bad, and you likely have your reasons. You could probably believe that such Cultism is good; everyone accepts or rejects things because of something. Sometimes why two people do one thing might vary, and the two might lack the capacity to rightly predict each other’s reasons.  


You might need a certain level of background to be able to understand why teenagers should join cults. Sometimes nothing makes sense till the bigger picture is seen, someone from the United States would say.


From the weed-smoking group, the Marlians to the palm-wine drinking Kegaiths, and from the Ku Klux Klan of the United States to the Bergers of Nigeria, one thing is evident: it is a serious business.


Strong cults are all kingdoms within a kingdom, and have their own laws. No court is permitted to save one who must be punished, and no political power controls their affairs. They initiate outsiders with strict rites that vary in demands they make to prospects.


Cults where people proclaim themselves members out of admiration for the cult, like the Marlians, take nothing from the new guy but what the new guy wishes to give. The prospect gives only a change in lifestyle as much as he or she is willing, but it is not so in Bergers, Aiyes, Daughters of Jezebel, etc. Why? Purpose.


Marlians is a movement meant to affect the social and political state of Nigeria, just like Fela’s Kalkuta Republic, but not Daughters of Jezebel, Black Bra, Axemen, etc.


The latter are formed for mutual benefits; benefits that centre more on physical security. People are also forced into it by the group if members of the group find them as materials. By calling you a material, they imply that you have qualities very needful to the group. The qualities could range from physical attributes like beauty and strength, to robust financial capacity, and from intellectual muscle to high social status. This does not mean they reject prospects that have none of these; they like to be numerous and to have fat financial deposits.


Deaths sometimes occur during initiations into these gangster cults, but the families of the deceased get no news. Gangs like these normally lose members in gang fights. In Nigeria, they count the number of deaths as they count scores in football. Do you know you could have heard them telling each other about the latest score and did not know? Their language is different from your English, Igbo, French and Spanish. They call it Capping, by the way.


If your son or daughter joined a cult like Kegaiths, which cult is a secret unity of different cult groups, people could say the person is not in a dangerous group. Their reason would likely be that Kegaiths only drink Palmy (palm wine) and gyrate (dance their special kind of music) there, but only those ignorant on how an individual affects the other would say so. It is no news that people joined the ‘bad’ ones through the ‘good’ ones.


Why is it important for teenagers to enter any kind of cult? They gain experiences they otherwise would not have. For example, a teenager that watched his or her friend die during a tough initiation process starts to understand what can kill a person. Until you see a human being die from being flogged with the flat side of machetes by ten different people, you would not understand that flogging people could kill them. When you watch a person die in the baptism of such initiation, your view of life would change. It might even affect your violence positively.


Teenagers get to have sex for the first time through the influence of these ‘bad cults’. They become virgins-no-more. If you think that it is not interesting and cool, then it is okay. It is your opinion. People like Napoleon Bonaparte, Alexander the Great and Mohammed are respected by some, but others speak evil of the same ‘good people’. Some think it is a nice thing for a teen to lose his or her virginity outside marriage, and others believe that abortion is cool.


Cultists learn the neck-endangering part of being one’s brother’s keeper. They get to shed blood beside a brother under attack, and join others to go for revenge killings. To really love your brother, you have to be prepared to die for him, is that not true? In those fights, the defender might fall with the defended, and the avenger might be buried before the one being avenged. If that is not cool to you, maybe your definition of cool needs an engineer.


Teenagers get to know that the world is a jungle, and that vigilance is important. A cultist always has to watch his own back and that of members of the fraternity he belongs to. He or she could be assassinated at any moment; his or her siblings could be killed; his or her sister or mother could be raped too. The cultist learns to hide his or her identity and home address. Before you say that this is not cool, is this secret identity thing not what secret operatives of governments (like the CIA and the KGB) do? Are all the things these intelligence and military groups do cool? Let us proceed to the next point.


Finally, teenage cultists get to live free of disturbances by other cults. You see, none would carry out an attack he or she would pay for. These cults use spiritual means to discover secrets and attack people too, so secrets likely would not stay secrets forever. Attackers are likely to be discovered and get killed.


If you found the advantages already listed to be less than the loss these teenagers suffer, you are absolutely right. Sexually transmitted diseases, untimely deaths and annihilation of entire families or family members are possibilities in the life of a teen cultist.


If you wanted to join one of such cults, you now know some things you should remember.


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