Does New World Education Matter?


Education is the most fundamental need of a society. It is mostly a passing on of absolutes. Whenever you see a wrong change in the education of your people, know that a new compass is being distributed to your future generation.


Do you know what keeps the world changing for the worse? Selfish parents, racist parents, immoral parents, etc. Teachers, priests and politician play parts too. Their views and deeds give the world a worse or better youth than the past generation.


How Do Parents Wrongly Educate Children?


No child grew up dressing in the clothes of another sex, each child was permitted by his or her parents to wear what he or she kept wearing at home. Many children did not know the difference betweeny and some other child; it was how their parents saw those people that affected their own views too. Children usually follow whichever way they meet and even fight to preserve those ways.


Some people started drinking alcohol as young as before their puberties, and had become used to such drinks in their puberty days. Some were raped by their parent, or had seen an uncovered sexual act being displayed before them. Whether they saw it on a screen or in reality makes no difference. The picture sticks, and they are likely to keep wondering what it means.


Is It Only Children That Shall Be Taken By The Trend?


In the present world of LGBTQ friendly cartoons, toys, textbooks, pictures, etc, one needs little thoughts to know where the ship of mainstream values is headed. New ways of life have their disadvantages, just as old ones do. There is going to be different experiments, and the results of all choices shall appear in coming ages. New matters shall arise from the practice of the new law being enforced by the West, which shall give birth to the addition of more sections to the already made law.


The world constitution is being made, and it will be seductive to a larger part of the world. Why? It borders on equality! Even though most people would lose things by joining the movement, what they hope to gain is likely to be more magnetic. A female United States conservative who thinks she deserves more would join to win more rights for women, at the expense of having to permit same sex marriage, abortions and other things they contend against.


An African-Americans could be seduced too, because the movement promises rest from the racist attitudes of many neighbours of theirs. Laws do not stop racists, deters them and defines the penalties awaiting racists. Not all African-Americans are Christians; some are Moslems, Atheists, etc. Many religious leaders bent their doctrines to fit into the new trend; there have been contentions among them. One is left wondering whether the words in those ‘holy books’ matter if they could be interpreted differently any time. Let everybody be sure of what he has accepted in his own mind; this is a good summary for this matter.


Not only black Africans are likely to suffer racism in the mainstream world, there are Arabs and people from developing countries. All these people are likely to be assimilated into the crowd fighting for this western version of equality. Women are highly maltreated and disrespected everywhere, and some people just want either some or all of the life this education is advertising. Most that will sign up have lots to lose. The world is ripe for this new world because the West has many resources and there are lacks and pains in many lives.


Finally, the new world constitution is like an alien troop that instead of backing away, has stood its ground and continued to resist attacks. It has come to stay.


What do you think?