Leonardo Da Vinci’s fart is in high demand. If you think it is a lie, just bring it along. If in any way you found one of Picasso’s brushes, you are rich! The material might be only fit for the refuse bin, but there are many things that make things astoundingly costly!


Below are ten of the things the world deem the most expensive at the time this article was written. It is possible that in this age of NFTs and new dimensions of business, we should be open to further surprises. These world billionaires do not reason like someone that counts only tens or tens of thousands.




1. The Yacht Called ‘History Supreme’.

This 100-foot thing is worth approximately 4.8 million USD. It took nearly 3 years for Stuart Hughes, a UK-based guy to finish this work. It is plated with 100,000 kilograms of gold and platinum, and has wine glasses made out of 18-carat diamond.? The Master bedroom of this yacht is made of meteorite rock. It even has statues made of a T-Rex’s bone.

A Malaysian Business man bought it for 4.5 million USD.


2. Hubble Space Telescope.

The old thing costs 2.1 billion USD, and is still floating around in space and sending celestial pictures back to the earth. This famous telescope must be happy it is known as the world’s most expensive telescope in the guiness book of records. Some Lucky telescope.


It started its work in the year 1990, and is part of the progress scientists made in understanding many things that happen in space. Pictures of sights it had made available are all over the world.



3. Antilia, Some Huge 27-Storey Building.

This house boasts of 9 high-speed elevators, three helipads, a parking space for 168 cars, a 50-seats theatre, air traffic control and a ballroom; it costs 2 billion USD. Do you want to still ask me why it costs that much? Ask the owner Mukesh Ambani, his answer might be the best.

This house is structured to be able to survive an earthquake of magnitude 8.0. Cool, right? Do you think the builders might need lessons from the humbled ship, Titanic?

The super building is 568 ft above the ground and has ten elevators.


4. Villa Leopolda.

The residence costs 506 million USD and is owned by Edmond and Lily Safra. It is said to be the second most expensive house in the world. Some lucky old house it is.

It served as a hospital during the war called the second world war. It stands on the French Riviera.


5. Leonardo da Vinci’s Painting Called ‘Salvator Mundi’

The painting costs 450 million USD. A Saudi noble called Bader Bin Abdullah Mohammed Bin Farhan Al-Saud gained ownership of it in 2017 by parting with 450.3 USD at Christie’s Auction.

Salvator Mundi means ‘Saviour of the World’, and is known as the most expensive painting ever sold in a public auction. The painting is not the most beautiful painting that is said to be that of Jesus Christ, but it was done by Italian Leonardo Da Vinci. You absolutely do not want to know what a stroke he mistakenly made on an old paper might sell for.


6. The Card Players (A Painting By French Artist, Paul Cezzane)

This peice of painting is owned by a royal family in Qatar, and costs 260 million USD. A look at it might make you start laughing and saying you have see cooler pictures that cost for amazingly less. Your view is shared by many.

These paintings are originals from respected artists. They are not the best paintings in the market; maybe you could even make better paintings than what these artists did on these old jobs, but these are likely to remain costlier than yours.


7. Garçon à la pipe (A painting By Famous Pablo Picasso).

It costs 104 million USD. It was said to have been made by Picasso when he was 24. The painting was made in 1905; it depicts a Parisan boy holding a pipe.


8. L’Incomparable Diamond Necklace.

The Mouawad L’Incomparable Diamond Necklace is made of a 407.48 carat modified shield, step-cut yellow diamond suspended beneath 229.52 carats of cascading, brilliantly white diamonds interwoven in 18K rose gold branchlets. It costs 55 million USD, and is known as the world’s most costliest necklace.

It was found more than thirty years ago by a Congo girl. How much do you think they gave her?


9. 1963 Ferrari GTO.

This vehicle, which is the world’s most costliest vehicle, was bought for 52 million USD by an unknown buyer from Paul Pappalardo, Pappalardo an attorney.

This GTO won the 1963 Tour de France, ridden by Jean Guichet. There has been a more than 40% increase in how much the vehicle costs; the last one was sold for 35 million USD.

It is not the fastest car today, but is the costliest. Chew on that a bit.


10. Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond.

This phone costs 48.5 million USD per piece. If you are wondering why, it does not make calls with aliens or do anything a phone of it style does not do; it is the world’s most expensive diamond-studded phone. It is the diamond and the platinum plating it has made it that costly. You see it is only good for showing off; nothing special.