Buhari’s War Against Indiscipline (WAI) while he was a soldier is past, his war against corruption is here. The same things have been said about his leadership both past and present: his use of power to oppress political opponents and his bad treatment of Southerners. Research for yourself.

Let there be no cancellation of this fact: people change. But carefulness should not be forgotten, or it would be foolish. A domesticated dog is still a dog.

Buhari contended with PDP and won, but he had first of all won many blind supports and being given a good name. People in the South forgot or knew not that he publicly supports the takeover of Islam in Nigeria — which even lay bare at Wikipedia — and his past records. The exploits of Islamic terrorists since his election, the Lekki Massacre and the worrisome increase of corruption since his presidency have said that we could make better choices by reading history.

As the 2023 election comes, rumours of the desire of Bola Tinubu has become so thick in the air that it actually seems he might contend for the presidency. With this in view, the knowledge below should be considered before voting him in.

His full name is Bola Ahmed Tinubu, and he is a Moslem.



He was born in on 26th March, 1962. This date says he was a child during the Nigerian civil war, and knew about it and the stigma connected to it later.

He attended St. John’s Primary School, Aroyola, Lagos State. He also schooled at Children’s Home School, Ibadan.

His mother was allegedly a trader called Abibatu Mogaji. No source seems to have information on who his father is.

He left for the United States in 1975; he studied at Richard J. Daley College at Chicago, Illinois, and later at Chicago State University. He received quality tertiary education (a thing citizens of Nigeria want to be in their presidents).

In 1979 he graduated with a B.Sc in Accounting. Being an accountant that worked for companies like those that will be written below, one should expect that he would spend in well-calculated measures. He also would have deep experience in the management of cash.

He worked for the American company Arthur Anderson LLP, a company formally among the five Accounting companies called ‘The Big Five’. The company surrendered its license after it was found guilty of corruption. Those good at Accounting can be corrupt too.

He worked also for Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu and for GTE. GTE was the greatest independent telephone company in the United States of America.

In 1983 he returned to Nigeria and started working with Mobil Oil. He even proceeded to become one of the company’s executives. Leadership in the secular world has been part of his life, this shows. His other records do not show him as a fanatic of Islamism, but there are allegations of corruption. This must not be taken lightly.

His political career started in 1992 in Social Democratic Party where he was a member of a group led by Umaru Musa Yar’Adua. The group was called the people’s front.

He became the Senator for Lagos West constituency. He understands what it is to represent people in the country; would that do for representing us outside? What did he pursue while the Senator and the Governor of Lagos State? There were serious charges while he was the later. There seems to be no news of his refutal of them, even though he tried to silence AIT for airing accusative documentaries about him.

He became Governor in Lagos State in 1999 in the political party Alliance for Democracy (AD). He promised 10,000 apartments to the poor but did lesser. Do you expect an old man like him to change? It would be good if he changes, but you might pay eight painful years as the gate fee.

He invested in education while a governor, and built more roads in Lagos. This speaks a lot about his foresight. Education increased usefulness and development, and roads helped commerce. This should not be laid aside.

He supported Buhari in 2014. After his governorship, he and other former governors like James Ibori of Delta State were accused of corruption. The EFCC found him and the others innocent; when a foreign entity tried to investigate further, the Nigerian government, under the president on sit then declined. Is this suspicious? No.

Having known or been recalled these for, you now have some of the things to consider before voting. If you have something very important to say, say it below.