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What Is High Blood Pressure?

A Short Discussion Of Hypertension

It is a condition in the human cardiovascular system. The cardiovascular system is made up of the heart, the blood vessels and the blood.


The heart pumps your oxygenated blood (blood that contains oxygen) into your arteries (a kind of blood vessel); your arteries carry the blood to all parts of your body.


The force and movement of the blood in your arteries are more intense than those in other blood vessels. The blood pressure (the force of the blood moving through them) should not be too high.


Also, there should not be blockages or things that hinder speedy passage, or the arteries could get damaged or develop serious problems like aneurysms (bulges from too high pressure) in the blood vessel. This too high force is what is called high blood pressure (HBP) or Hypertension.


This is why one should feed with his or her blood vessels in mind.
High blood pressure can cause strokes, kidney diseases, blindness, etc. Why? Read here.


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N.B:  The information on this page is only for creating awareness. Meet or contact a healthcare provider for proper attention. 

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