Does Is Matter Whose Voice It Is?

Is there any difference when a woman sings?  Are there different results when females of different ages sing?


Experts say that a person’s voice gossips many things about its owner. Gender, age, sex, health status and emotions leak through the voice naturally, and affects the reaction of its audience.


Female voices are often softer and gentler, whilst masculine voices are expected to be rough. Male voices are normally low-pitched, whereas female vocals are generally high-pitched. Females and males have distinct communication styles; females use softer words and more hand signals than males.


The Influence

Men’s voices mostly go higher at old age, while those of women get deeper. Manners of speaking change too, based on both physiological and psychological reasons. Male and female voices can have varying effects on their audience.


Our brain reacts differently to sounds of various genders, according to academics at the University of Sheffield. The auditory portion of an audience’s brain, which is utilized to analyze and read, is known to be activated by a female voice.


When people listen to Mike Ejeagha or Dolly Patton, they feel differently from when they listen to Frank Edwards or Asa. The age of an artiste affects your reaction, as well as your moral, religious and political views. A person’s psychology plays a big role in this matter, but people are unified in their minds in more ways than are soon visible.


Some Biological Reasons

Curious bunches of people in different places have organized researches in different locations for more than forty years to know how female voices affect their audiences.  Their later conclusion might shock you or make you blush.


Experts have long contended that hormone levels during a woman’s peak fertility have a physiological influence on her voice chords; this influence causes both male and female audiences to react involuntarily. A famous most-recent research result implied their suggestion might be correct.


Hormones influence women’s voices by influencing the natural activities that occur at their vocal cords — the same changes that occur in their cervical tissues. It affects the amount of water that can remain in the vocal cords and the amount of blood that can flow there; it could cause edema.


This, you see, naturally affects how flexibly such females can use their voices and causes raspy voices. To deal with this fluctuation in vocal abilities, many female singers use hormonal contraception.


A Research For Africa?

Africa and the West are not the same in both culture and views of life, so one could rightly wonder whether their research would have gotten the same result if it were conducted in Africa.


One disadvantage of using foreign research as a yardstick in a society is that its belief that humans behave alike is right, but not the presumption that our societies think the same way.


How Ignorance Makes Women Suffer

In the UK, women get breaks from performing during such times in their menstrual cycles, so they could be saved the many disadvantages of singing with such voices; one of such inconveniences is severely hurting their voices.


Some local singers in developing countries do not know what happens to their voices sometimes, and go through hard times monthly. This is another indicator of the importance of the education of females on the many things that affect their careers and well-being.


How The Media Rides Perceptions

One female voice might arouse someone sexually and yet cause repulse in another. In the world where women are increasingly being and are made objects of sexual objectivisation, young females are increasingly lusted after, especially the ones that dress, sing and act seductively.


Because of the  desires of consumers, a  female artiste dreaming to be a great singer  ends up being a screen slut sometimes by those she signed their contract with.


What Experience Does To Audiences

A female voice is synonymous with softness and compassion; this is why females would be more likely to be soothed by them. Because both young and old men grew under women, this view that a female voice is a messenger of comfort has every reason to be predominant.


This is not to imply that all men like women or female voices, but the majority does. A female sound is just awesome. The age of the audience plays a lot of part in how they react to a song, and so does their experiences. People who had bad mothers and female models are more likely to see female voices in a bad light.



The image in people’s hearts affect how they see any image outside; this is another reason why one of the ways to fight racism and incease peace in a society is by showing right images to the public, especially to children


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