Appealing sounds get favour. In fact, music is a part of art that one does not always need understanding to enjoy.


When a Chinese music is playing or when an Indian actress is singing out her heart, you do not need understanding to enjoy the sound you are hearing.


Even if you are being mocked in a beautiful Arabic song, you would likely be nodding and tapping along. That is music; it has no family, friends or foes.


There are four countries recognized to have affected the world popular music as we know it. The world popular music is that which is played around the world.


Jamaica is the first. They are known first of all for their Reggae, then their Dancehall, Dub and Ska.


India comes second. If you know about Zeeworld, you know that India is blessed with music that anyone in the world can dance to. They brought us the Raga, Sangeet, Hindustani Classical, Carnatic, Folk, Indi-Pop and Raga Rock.


South Africa came third. Who would disagree? They brought the Hip Hop, Rave, Zulu, Afrikaan, Kwaito, JIVE and Drum n Bass.


Iceland is obscure because not much seems to be heard of them. They brought their Folk, Islands Klukkur, Electronic, Experimental, Alternative, Post Rock and Indie.


Even in the world where people protest by boycotting things and people, good works of art receive praise and patronage. Beauty markets itself.